Friday, June 22, 2012

A Twist Out on a Crazy Hot Day!

Good morninggg ;)

So yesterday was a beast! It was about 95 degrees and sunny in nyc, I did have to count my blessings though... at least it wasn't humid lol!! On wednesday night, it was too hot for me to be messing with dry hair, so I co-washed with aussie moist to cool me down and then I thought about some styling choices. I figured a twist out would be a wise choice for a hot day, I also find that my hair stays moisturized for longer if it's set in some kind of style at night rather than just tossing into a satin cap loosely. I twisted my hair into small and medium sections spritzing with water and moisturizing with deja's hair milk (and a bit of the bee mine luscious in the back sections), sealing with almond oil and then finally adding a bit of the bee mine curly butter to each section. I feel like that sounds like a ton of product, but I find out using a small amount of each gets the correct effect without making the twists look oily and undefined. I let the twists set overnight and then took them down this afternoon with my coconut/sweet almond oil mix. They came out really defined and super duper full, even with minimal separating! Unfortunately, I was running out so I couldn't snap pics during the day. I took these at night when I got home, but the lighting isn't so great:


So this is me, not protective styling :/... My scalp seems to be recovering 
though, no more tenderness... Seems I'll need to wear my hair out more often =]

Thanks for reading :),

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