Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bantu Knots

Hey there...

Yesterday I tried my first ever bantu knot out. I see so many nice bantu sets and they seemed fairly simple so I figured I'd try one out. I moisturized and sealed my ends with Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and sealed with sweet almond oil. I dampened my hair with a spray bottle and applied a small amount of the Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to my hair then began to twist. I made 8 small bantu knots (2 on each side and four in the middle). I secured some of them with clips and on the side of my head that I sleep on I used thin ouchless ponytail holders to make sure that I could sleep comfortably :).

I was worried about how they would look after a long, rough night of sleeping, but I took them out this morning and they came out okay. I def have more work to do to perfect this style :p. As usual since I was running late for work I didn't get to snap pics this morning, but I did take some when I got home after work.


I have to say, so far I am really loving the Bee Mine moisturizers and this curly butter. My hair has been so soft, and even though it has been loose it has still remained moisturized all day. I am also thrilled that since they don't contain any silicone I won't have to use a sulfate shampoo for a while (pheww). I think I may be in love lol! I will def have full reviews of their products soon, I just want to spend some more time with the Luscious moisturizer and the Curly Butter before I give a full review. 

Thanks for reading :),


  1. Your Bantu knot out looks lovely,

    Bee mine luscious truly is one of my favourites! looking forward to seeing your review.

    1. Thanks hun!

      I completely understand why! Bee mine is quickly becoming one of my favorite lines :)

      Thanks for commenting!


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