Saturday, March 16, 2013

Update and Product Preview

Hey gorgeous,

I have to admit, I have been the laziest with my hair recently. I've been super busy with work and my personal life that while I have been keeping up with general care, I have certainly been slacking on my deep conditioning and protective styling. I spent most of this week bunning in an attempt to make up for the slackness lol. I have mostly been managing my hair straight for my own sanity--as much as I love textured styles the detangling is far too much work for me these days :o). I have also had to go back to more frequent shampooing, my scalp is really not a fan of shampooing once per week. So though my hair has been out far too much and I have been slacking on a few things, overall I think my hair is still doing okay. I will most likely cut an inch off with my next relaxer, it's honestly been a long time coming and it would be nice to fix up my hemline. So, that is really all that's been going on with my hair, and that's fine by me lol.

Now onto my product junkie ways ;)...

I have recently purchased the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and the Mixed Straightening Serum. They smell great, and absolutely turned my hair into butter with the first use. Now as for the second use, that was horrifying; I got a tangled, dry mess. The jury is still currently out on these products for me, but I have hope!
I have also finally purchased the Alter Ego Garlic Mask after my cousin's rave reviews (hey cousin Gizelle!), and I'm a fan of that as well, it has excellent slip. I'm having fun experimenting with mostly moisturizing deep conditioners, as I often run into trouble when I begin to mess with too much protein. I will post some images of the products tomorrow.

So have you tried the Alter Ego or Mixed Chicks conditioners? 
If so, how do you feel about them?

Thanks for reading :),

p.s. - To my new followers: hello!! I should be posting more frequently soon. Thank you for following :o). If you have any questions or want to request a post, feel free to email me -
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