Wash Routine (updated July 16, 2013):
*0-6 weeks post relaxer:
pre-poo before every shampoo
sulfate-free shampoo 2x/week
DC with heat after each shampoo
     - moisture DC 2x/week, light-med protein DC 1x/week or every 2 weeks
*after 6 weeks post relaxer:
2x/week - split hair into 4 sections, apply oil, detangle, apply DC, detangle--leave in for 30 mins with heat
wash in 4 sections with sulfate free shampoo
condition with rinse-out conditioner

co-wash as needed (1x weekly during the summer, or following the gym)
clarify at least 1x/month, more often if a lot of silicone is used
scalp massage at least 3x/week with coconut oil
     - castor/sweet almond/peppermint oil mix on temples
no direct heat used
moisturize 2x/day, seal 1x/day or as needed
relax every 9-12 weeks
trim as needed

all direct-heat free styles:
0-6 weeks post:
mostly rollersets, air-drying straight and leaving out
 6+ weeks post:
twists, twist outs, buns and updos 
fav products (updated November 11, 2012):
sulfate free shampoo: shea moisture moisture retention shampoo, l'oreal everpure moisturizing shampoo
sulfate/clarifying shampoos: nexxus therappe, neutrogena anti-residue
moisturizing DC: aussie moist 3 min miracle, nexxus humectress (bottle)
light protein DC: miss key 10 en 1, organic root stimulator olive oil hair masque
medium protein DC: nexxus keraphix :)
leave-ins: kinky curly knot today, rusk smoother leave-in (protein), redken smooth down butter treat, silicon mix bambu leave-in
moisturizers: shea moisture restorative conditioner, bee mine deja's hair milk, aloe vera juice/water mix
protein moisturizers: cantu shea butter, chi keratin mist, giovanni direct leave-in, rusk healthy treatment
oils: coconut, sweet almond, avocado, castor, peppermint, rosemary, jasmine, argan, grapeseed, jojoba
serums: organix macadamia nut dry styling oil, organix moroccan argan weightless healing oil
heat protectant: redken smooth down heat glide
styling product: moroccanoil hydrating styling cream
relaxer: gentle treatment normal strength

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