Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer hair changes

Happy June ladies!

Yes, it's almost the official start of summer and the warm weather is finally here in the Northeast. I know my hair much prefers warm, humid weather. Ever since it got warmer, my hair has been moist, smooth and has finally stopped being angry with me (phew lol). Well, as the seasons change it's also time to make some changes to my hair regimen. Since I started this journey in the summer, I'm far more familiar with what my hair needs when it's hot so hopefully what worked last year will continue to work now.
  1. More frequent washing. With an oily scalp, when it starts to itch my hair is saying wash me, and I will ;).
  2. Oiling scalp only the day before a wash. This is mostly just to avoid the itching.
  3. I can put away the silicone. My hair no longer needs this diesel layer to keep moisture in, so the lighter hair sealing oils can return. 
  4. Use coconut oil to seal my hair daily. Now that it won't solidify in my hair I can go HAM on the coconut oil lol.
  5. More low manipulation, out styles.
  6. I was also thinking of adding a product that has sunscreen in it to my hair regimen. Suggestions?
What changes will you be making to your hair regimen this summer?

Thanks for reading :),

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