Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wash Day

Hey there

It has been 90 degrees the entire week in the nyc, so my scalp has been saying wash me since I co-washed on Wednesday. My hair was also super dry since I can't protective style, I'm still allowing my scalp some time to stop being tender. I figured that last night would be a good time to wash and do a good deep condition to restore the moisture the heat has stolen from my hair. Here's what went down last night:
  1. Pre-poo with coconut/sweet almond mix on scalp, on the length I used Kinky-Curly Perfectly Polished Nourishing Hair Oil as well as coconut oil. I then left that in for 30 mins under my heat cap and an additional 30 mins due to laziness :).
  2. Shampooed twice with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo.
  3. Deep Conditioned with Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Hair Treatment for 10 mins under my heat cap, allowed my hair to cool and then rinsed in cool water.
  4. I t-shirt dried for about 10 minutes and then applied Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Leave-in to the length and argan oil to my ends.
  5. I then finger detangled and allowed my hair to air-dry loose. 
I got bored with my usual deep conditioners, and since I used Humectress all week so I figured I'd try something new. I like the Silicon Mix Bambu DC and leave-in so far, my hair came out very smooth, even my underprocessed edges. I'll be using them a few more times before I form a concrete opinion.

I let my hair finish air-drying which took about 2.5 hours for it to be like 90% dry and then I went to bed. This morning I moisturized and sealed with Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and argan oil and pincurled my hair. Here are the results:


The lighting is weird, I'm still trying to get this right :p

I like how they came out, I think it was a good choice for a little party that I went to shortly after taking the down the pincurls. I also put some argan oil on my hands to take the pincurls down as well as some macadamia nut oil on my canopy because it is still 95 degrees and sunny in nyc and my hair needed some spf lol.

Thanks for reading :),


  1. I'm jealous at how smooth your hair is when you airdry!! Lovely!

  2. thanks hun!! i just love your fabulous roller sets + silk wraps =)

  3. You're hair looks really nice and long!

    1. thank you so much =]. thanks for commenting!!!


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