Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scalp/No Protective Styling Update


I mentioned in a few previous posts that I have been having some scalp troubles.  I believe I mentioned that about a month ago, since that post I have been actively working to improve the condition of my scalp. The problems I was suffering from were: extreme scalp tenderness near my edges and the crown of my head, as well as an extremely itchy scalp that was producing large flakes. Today I am happy to say that the condition of my scalp has drastically improved.

To reduce the flaking, I just try to stay away from sulfate shampoos and non-water soluble silicones as often as I possibly can. When silicone builds up on my scalp, it gets irritated and then it requires a sulfate to remove and my skin hates that too, so it turns into a viscous cycle. So stay silicone and sulfate light has certainly reduced the flaking and itchiness, and of course with a cleaner, healthier scalp shedding has greatly reduced as well. I'm going to continue to be kind to my scalp and keep it clean. Since it's the summer, and I tend to produce more sebum than usual I will also avoid oiling my scalp too far from wash days to avoid any additional itching.

As for the scalp tenderness, it's gone! So it really did have to do with too much tension mostly from protective styling, but also apparently from the force of the shower head in my bathroom (how crazy is that? lol def had to turn that down). Ive spent the last 4-5 weeks protective styling free to give my edges and crown a break. While I don't mind my hair being out, I am aware of the risks of not protective styling. To combat any problems with retaining length, I have stepped up the frequency and duration of my deep conditioning sessions as well as being extremely diligent about my moisturizing and sealing. Also, incorporating rollersets has seriously helped me maintain the health of my ends. Rollersetting (see last week's small set to the left :) keeps ends smooth, moisturized and kept off of my clothes for extended periods of time without the need to protective style. My ends seem to be doing alright, but after my scalp recovers I plan to gradually increase the frequency of my protective styling. I have noticed on average that protective styling more than 50% of the time starts to negatively affect my retention, especially on the sides of my head--after all moderation is best, so I will be sure to vary my styles frequently. 

I'm pleased with the progress I've made so far on these issues, and I plan to continue to pay attention to my hair and do what it says! I just wanted to ask you ladies though, have you had any setbacks from protective styling? If so, how did you do to fix the problem?

Thanks for reading :),


  1. That's great that your scalp tenderness is gone. I had this issue, but could never figure out what caused it. I wasn't sure if it was the relaxers or products I was using.
    Your hair is beautiful though! I love the thickness of it.

    1. Thank you for the compliment hun!! I completely understand how you felt, it def took me a while to make the connection because there are so many possibilities.

  2. Great post! I wish I could quit my addiction to silicones! Ugh!

    But I tend to have issues keeping my edges and nape healthy. Whenever I start bunning too much, so I TRY to mix up my PS's (though I'm not always successful...!)

    1. Thanks hun! Silicone is sooo addictive, it just makes everything look so shiny and smooth lol. Yeah, I def had problems in those areas too from all the bunning, but it's usually just caused by me being too lazy to switch it up lol :)


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