Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to the Gym and Hair Talk

Hello there :)

For approximately the last two months, I have been out of the gym due to a bruised rib. It took about 8 weeks to heal, and on the 9th week (last week) I was finally cleared to go back to the gym (yay!). Unfortunately, I gained about 10 lbs, so it's time for me to get crackin. I've been taking it easy since I've been back, mostly just cardio. Needless to say, since I've been back at the gym, my hair has been boring lol. It's mostly just been air-dried straight, pinned up, or half up/half down. Nothing interesting... I've also noticed a slight increase in breakage because my hair has been drying out faster. The breakage has been making me a little cranky so I've just been washing, deep conditioning and leaving it alone. I think I'll still try to style it at least once a week to keep myself interested in it. My scalp has stopped hurting, so now I can do a bun or do an updo a couple days a week, making my life a bit easier. However, since I've started working out again, I've noticed I have been annoyed with my hair. The breakage, dryness, and it not being able to do any fun styles has got me a bit down, so I wanted to remind myself of a few things that I love about my hair.

I love the color, the thickness and how soft/flowy it is when properly taken care of =].

So tell me, have you ever been in a hair rut and what do you love most about your hair?

Thanks for reading :),

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