Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Wash Day Fail

Happy Tuesday :),

So last night's wash was so awful I just had to blog about it smh. I worked out on Sunday, and it was hot yesterday so it was def time for a wash. My hair felt like it could use some strengthening but some moisture as well, so I opted to try something new, I used the CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture Conditioner which contains both hydrolyzed keratin and silk about midway through the list so I figured it would be a safe thing to try for last night. Here are the steps of what went down:
  1. Pre-pooed for about an hour with coconut oil on my scalp as well as the length.
  2. I shampooed twice using the Shea Moisture Moisture Retention shampoo
  3. I deep conditioned with the CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture Conditioner for 5 minutes without heat (per the instructions on the package), then rinsed.
  4. I t-shirt dried for about 5 minutes. My hair felt somewhat soft, but I couldn't detangle it.
  5. I then applied my leave-ins Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat (more on that later!) to the length and argan oil to my ends.
  6. I then attempted to detangle then let hair air-dry hanging down. 
So lets talk about what happened...
As I was rinsing out the conditioner my hair felt reasonably soft, but there was so little slip that I didn't really bother to attempt to detangle my hair in the shower. After I finished rinsing and t-shirt drying, of course detangling was still a chore so I applied my new fav moisturizing leave-in Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat and argan oil and absolutely nothing happened. My hair was still a tangled mess. My hair definitely feels stronger, it's not hard, but it feels dry and tangly. I even broke out my Pantene Normal-Thick detangler, which helped but now my hair feels coated because of the silicone in my leave-in and that detangler (ugh). It was still entirely too difficult to detangle so I just stopped and let it air-dry completely lol. Not only could was it tangled, it was also fuzzy and didn't dry anywhere near as straight or smooth as it usually does. I then moisturized and sealed with Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and argan oil, and that combo saved the day. I was able to get a good portion of my shed hair out but my hair looks and feels like crap. It feels coated, looks stringy and Jenna's just not pleased by this outcome.
Perhaps the CHI conditioner was used to close to my last application of Nexxus Keraphix (my medium protein treatment) and maybe that was why my hair reacted the way it did. In any case, I'm not certain how they managed to advertise this conditioner as a moisturizing conditioner, I wouldn't even say this was a moisturizing/light protein conditioner, for my hair it made it feel about as strong as Keraphix does. That was just bananas. Needless to say, I will have to clarify (to remove the silicone) as well as deep condition again tonight to avoid any crazy damage from dryness or silicone build up. I clearly should have done another moisturizing deep conditioning after, but it was so late last night and I was so tired that I knew that wasn't going to happen. I'm not going to give my final verdict about the CHI conditioner until I use it a few more times, but at this point I'll probably have to wait until after I relax my hair next (mostly because after a fresh relaxer I won't have to worry about tangling and also because my hair can generally tolerate more protein). Well, today definitely turned into a day for an updo lol...

What was your worst wash day experience?

Thanks for reading :),


  1. Aww man!! This is what makes trying new products sooooo difficult!

    My WORST wash day was probably at the beginning of my journey when I was about 20+ weeks post relaxer and tried to wash my hair without sectioning it first... can you say #hotmess??

    1. Right! Serves me right for trying to get live lol.

      I feel you, I've been there too! Sometimes washing in sections takes so much effort but it in the end it makes all the difference sometimes

  2. Hm I've never had one but my worst was when I was really bad at taking care of my hair and I not only took out weave that was left in for 4-5 months myself by pulling and cutting- I also relaxed it myself the same day.. a lot of hair came out in that wash lol :) I'm now transitioning.

    Really enjoying your blog hun :) Following!.. xx

    1. Lol, those pre-journey wash days were a trip. Congrats on transitioning!

      Thank you for following love! Will be checking your blog now ;)


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