Thursday, May 24, 2012

A setback?

Hey beautiful ;)

This has been a weird week for me, both health and hair-wise. In terms of health, I tore an abdominal muscle so I've been laid out for a while. I haven't really been sitting up much and I def haven't been at work... Commuting in nyc is way too much strain for me right now. I've just been laying around taking it easy and waiting for it to heal so i'll be stable enough to get back to normal (non-gym related :) activities.
In terms of hair, since I've been laid out, I haven't bothered with my hair much and I've been laying on my back so it's a mess. After a few days, I decided to pre-poo with coconut oil and then do a co-wash with nexxus humectress. My hair felt a bit hard, so I followed up with aussie moist to help me detangle. When I came out it was soft, but I think my hair is thinning out. I'm concerned because I've had more tangles recently which can = more breakage, as well as a ton of shedding which has me mildly concerned. In addition to more shedding overall, those problem areas I mentioned a few posts ago def affected the hair volume on the left side of my head :(. I suppose I should mention that I'm about 6 weeks post and I have a good amount of new growth. I know new growth can make ends appear choppy and thinner, and especially since I'm airdrying maybe I'm just overreacting. I just hope I won't need to take off a few inches... that would be an epic setback. I am also long overdo for a good trim, and I'll probably do that the next time I relax. Sigh, just wanted to vent... I'll post pics tomorrow when I can edit them.

Right and left sides. I'll try to take better quality pictures this weekend.

Thanks for reading :),

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