Monday, April 23, 2012

Tech Talk: An unexpected co-wash...

Hey there ;)... Today was a random wash day for me, although I usually do a full wash day on mondays (complete with shampoo and deep conditioning), today I opted to do a quick co-wash instead. Co-washing, or conditioner washing, is washing the hair using conditioner only, skipping the shampoo step. Co-washing is great way to clean the scalp without stripping the scalp and hair of vital moisture. Simply saturate the hair in water, be sure to thoroughly rinse the scalp and massage it using the ball of your fingers the same way you would while shampooing. After the scalp and hair have been thoroughly rinse, apply conditioner to the length of the hair (avoiding the scalp) and leave it on the hair. I tend to leave my conditioner on my hair for the length of my shower (or 10 minutes, whichever comes first) and cover my hair with a plastic cap. This is a valuable technique to all hair and scalp types, except that with an oily scalp conditioner shouldn't be added too close to the scalp or else the hair will have a weighed down or matted appearance when it dries.

Today I did a coconut oil pre-poo (more on that later!) and I chose to co-wash with Aussie moist. Not only does Aussie moist smell ridiculously good, it's also ridiculously moisturizing and its under $6! After rinsing it out, and t-shirt drying, I applied my current favorite leave-in, the Rusk Smoother Leave-in, then lightly finger detangled and then let it air dry. When it was about 70% dry, I added a few drops of argan oil to the ends to smooth them out. Here are the preliminary results:
Please excuse the choppiness in the back, I was laying on it in bed... lol... 
almost bedtime for me :).

Yay for quick washes. Whoever came up with the co-wash idea is a genius... That's all for now!

Thanks for reading :),

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