Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wash day

Good afternoon!

I found out the hard way (again) that laziness REALLY doesn't pay off lol! My last wash day prior to this one was late Saturday night, after the gym at 7 weeks post and it turned into a disaster! My hair had been in an old twist out, so the texture + the new growth + not detangling prior to washing = matted, greasy, TANGLED hair! My hair looked so short, and so thin that I thought I had lost half of my hair volume in like one evening; it was so bad, not even the supreme detangling conditioner (ORS hair masque) was able to cut through my tangles. After using a leave-in, moisturizer, oil, nothing worked so I just left that joint in a bun until I had the time to get to it. I finally got to it last night and it took 3 hours, a half cup of sweet almond oil, patience and a snack break (lol) to finally detangle my hair. Oddly enough, I feel like I didn't lose a ton of hair last night, of course there was more breakage than I would've liked, but eh, I def don't plan to make a habit of what happened last night. Here are the wash day steps that saved my hair last night:
  1. Pre-poo and detangle in 4 sections with warm sweet almond oil and water. 
  2. Apply Carol's Daughter Tui Moisturizing Smoothie to detangled sections.
  3. Sit under heating cap for 30 minutes
  4. Rinse in warm water.
  5. Shampoo twice in sections with Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo.
  6. Condition for 10 minutes with Aussie Moist without heat.
  7. Rinse.
  8. T-shirt dry for 10 minutes
  9. Apply leave-ins: Rusk Smoother Leave-in Conditioner and argan oil to ends
  10. Complete detangling, spray aloe vera juice/water mix on hair while still damp, then air-dry with back hanging loose and front pinned up.
Now, at this point in my journey I'm well aware that after 6 weeks (whether my hair is texlaxed or relaxed bone straight) things start to get hectic. My hair is very dense, my new growth is very tightly coiled and the hair in most of the front and middle of my head is coarse--these factors alone make for rough detangling sessions, in addition to the amount of shed hair that I had from a low manipulation style at 7 weeks post. I was clearly trippin when I tried to avoid detangling before washing last week. I definitely paid for that poor decision last night when I had to painstakingly detangle new growth to make sure that I got as little damage as possible. The moral of this story is, if something works STICK WITH IT!! Lol, anyway, after all of the detangling drama, my hair came out buttery soft, smooth and tangle free. This morning all I had to do was put some of my Giovanni Direct Leave-in and seal with argan oil.

End of day pics... I think I'm doin' okay for 7 weeks post :)

As I type this post, a little before 4pm today, my hair still feels good, looks full again (phew), is detangled and is still soft and moisturized. So all I really needed was some patience, to detangle in sections and an epic deep conditioner. I just need to remember to stick to the products that I know work for me, that takes the guesswork out of wash days.

What wash day step can you absolutely not live without?

P.S. - I have a giveaway coming up soon! Stay tuned :)

Thanks for reading :),


  1. "And a snack break!" hahha, gotta have a snack when you've got a detangling trauma to deal with - a girls gotta eat! (",)

    Your hair looks beautifully thick. I'm glad it all worked out for you this time.

    1. sometimes snacks make all the difference lol!!

      Thanks love! Yeah, I'm glad this didn't turn into a setback, but I will definitely try to never do this again lol. lesson learned!


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